Download Free PDF Book “Project Planning and Control with PERT and CPM” By Dr. B.C Punmia and K.K Khandelwal. Book content Project Management Chapter Bar Charts and Milestone Charts Chapter Elements of Network Chapter Development of Network Chapter PERT: Time Estimates Chapter PERT : Time Computations Chapter PERT : Network Analysis Chapter CPM : Network […]

Download Free PDF Book “IIT-JEE Objective Mathematics” By S K Goyal. Book contents Complex Numbers Theory of Equations Sequences and Series Permutations and Combinations Binomial Theorem Determinants Matrices Logarithms and Their Properties Probability Functions Limits Continuity and Differentiability Differential Coefficient Application of Derivatives Monotonicity, Rolle’s and Mean Value Theorems Maxima and Minima Indefinite Integration Definite […]

Download Free PDF Book “Automatic Control Systems” By Benjamin C. Kuo, Farid Golnaraghi. Book contents Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Mathematical Foundation Chapter 3: Block Diagrams and Signal – Flow Graphs Chapter 4: Theoretical Foundation and Background Material – Modeling of Dynamic Systems Chapter 5: Time – Domain Analysis of Control Systems Chapter 6: The […]

Download Free PDF Book “Textbook of Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses” By Erach Bharucha. Book contents Members of Syllabus for Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses of all branches of Higher Education UNIT 1: THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY NATURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES UNIT 2: NATURAL RESOURCES UNIT 3: ECOSYSTEMS UNIT 4: BIODIVERSITY UNIT 5: POLLUTION UNIT 6: SOCIAL […]

Download Free PDF Book “Analog & Digital Electronics” By U. A. Bakshi A. P. Godse. Book contents Chapter-1 Special Diodes Chapter-2 Frequency Response Chapter-3 Feedback Amplifiers Chapter-4 Oscillators Chapter-5 Combinational Logic Circuits Chapter-6 Sequential Logic Circuits Chapter-7 Shift Registers Chapter-8 Counters Chapter-9 Op-amp Applications Chapter-10 Voltage Regulators Chapter-11 Memories

Download Free PDF Book “Electrical Engineering GATE” By R.K. Kanodia. This Book is GATE Exam Previous Years Solved MCQ Subject Wise Collections. Book contents Analog and Digital Electronics Control Systems Electric Circuits and Fields Electrical and Electronics Measurements Electrical Machines Engineering Mathematics General Apitude Power Electronics Power Systems Signals and Systems

Download Free PDF Book “Word Power Made Easy” By Norman Lewis. Book contents Part one-Getting off a Good Start How to Test Your present Vocabulary 2. How to Start Building Your Vocabulary 3. How to Talk about personality Types (sessions 1-3) 4. How to Talk About Doctors (sessions 4-6) 5. How to Talk About various […]

Download Free PDF Book “How to Crack Test of Reasoning: In All Competitive Exam” By Jaikishan, Premkishan. Book contents Verbal Reasoning Coding – Decoding 2. Analogy 3. Classification 4. Alphabet Test 5. Word Formation 6. Sitting Arrangement 7. Direction Sense Test 8. Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test 9. Puzzles 10. Number Series 11. Letter […]

Download Free PDF Book “Upkar GATE Mathematics” By N. K. Singh. Book contents Chapter 1 : Linear Algebra Chapter 2 : Complex Analysis Chapter 3 : Real Analysis Chapter 4 : Ordinary Differential Equations Chapter 5 : Algebra Chapter 6 : Functional Analysis Chapter 7 : Numerical Analysis Chapter 8 : Partial Differential Equations Chapter […]

Download Free PDF Book “Handbook Series of Mechanical Engineering” By Gaurav Shukla. Book contents Mechanics Strength of Materials Theory of Machine Machine design Fluid Mechanics Heat and Mass Transfer Thermodynamics Power Plant Engineering Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Internal Combustion engine Material Science and Production Engineering Industrial Engineering Element of Computation  

Download Free PDF Book “Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete” By Varghese P.C. Book contents List of Illustrations. List of Tables. Foreword. Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgements. Introduction to IS 456 (2000). Introduction to Limit State Design. Methods of Design of Concrete Structures. Partial Safety Factors in Limit State Design. Limit State of […]

Download Free PDF Book  “Airport Engineering Planning, Design and Development of 21st Century Airports” By Norman J. Ashford, Saleh Mumayiz, Paul H. Wright. The Structure and Organization of Air Transport Forecasting Air Transport Demand Characteristics of Aircraft As They Affect Airports Airport System Planning Airport Master Planning CNS/ATM Airport Capacity Airside Configuration and Geometric Design […]

Download Free PDF Book “Electrical Instrumentation” By U.A.Bakshi, A.V.Bakshi, K.A.Bakshi. Book contents Chapter-1 Basic of Measurement and Error Analysis Chapter-2 Galvanometers Chapter-3 Analog Meters Chapter-4 Instrument Transformers Chapter-5 Measurement of Power Chapter-6 Measurement of Energy Chapter-7 D.C and A.C Potentiometer Chapter-8 Power Factor and Frequency Meters Chapter-9 Resistance Measurement Chapter-10 Magnetic Measurements

Download Free PDF Book “Principles of CMOS VLSI Design: A Systems Perspective” By Neil Weste, Kamran Eshraghian. Book contents Introduction to CMOS Circuits MOS Transistor Theory CMOS Processing Technology Circuit Characterization and Performance Estimation CMOS Circuit and Logic Design Structured Design Strategies Subsystem Design  CMOS Subsystem Design System Case Studies

Download Free PDF Book “Chemical Engineering for GATE” By Dr. Ram Prasad. This Book Including Principles, Solved Problems and Objective Type Questions. Book contents Engineering Mathematics Process Calculations Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics Mechanical Operations Heat Transfer Mass Transfer Chemical Reaction Engineering Instrumentation and Process Control Plant Design and Economics Chemical Technology GATE Papers and […]

Download Free PDF Book “Electrical Measurements” By U.A.Bakshi,‎ A.V.Bakshi,‎ K.A.Bakshi. Book contents Measuring Instruments Instrument Transformers Measurement of Power Measurement of Energy Potentiometer Resistance Measurements AC Bridges Magnetic Measurement