Ek Chadar Maili Si

Book NameEk Chadar Maili Si
AuthorRajender Singh Bedi
Book LanguageHindi
PublisherHind Pocket Books
Pages‎ 128
ISBN 8121613868

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Ek Chadar Maili Si Novel Full Story And Summary

In this novel, he has used realism. In this way, the cultural situation of the Punjabi villages is revealed, which also affects the mind of the reader. Ek Chadar Meli Si is his first and last novel. The novel traces the backward society of Punjab and the economic condition of the Singh family.

A number of themes are discussed in the Ek Chadar Maili Si Novel, such as the suffering of women, the exploitation of women, and the exploitation of a man-dominated society. We observe, throughout the novel, the suffering of a woman named Rano and the oppression of society over her. Society compelled her to marry again. The novel also depicts the grim undercurrent of the ruthless tragedy under the placid surface of rural India.

The characters in this novel are Rano, Tiloka, Jindan, Hazur Singh, Mangal, Ke Waddi, Salamat, and Gyan Chand. Rano is the primary character of the novel. The whole novel is about Rano, the wife of Tangewala of Kotla village in Punjab, and she is the main character of this novel.

She loves her brother-in-law like a child and is also a mother of three children. Her husband is addicted to alcohol and he keeps beating everyone. Taluka is an immoral character. He takes the forgotten girls to the moneylender. That is why Taluka is killed one day and Rano becomes a widow. The widow is considered a burden in Indian society and such a woman becomes the subject of Rajendra Singh Bedi’s novel “Ek Chadar Melisi”.

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