Godaan is a novel written by the famous author, Munshi Premchand. गोदान – Godan book story is a Story of Struggle for a Living.  By this story Premchand makes us see the problems faced by the peasant society during colonial period

A History of The Empire of Vijaynagar, which till recently was as good as lost to us, was recovered through this book. A forgotten Empire of Vijaynagar early in 1900 based upon his previous knowledge of the antiquities of the Madras Presidency. Read or Download awesome history book on Vijayanagar.

Nayi Parakh is awesome book written by Mr. Ramesh Gautam. You can download or read this ebook from below links. This book dedicated to Saumya and Vaishali. Finally download Nayi Parakh: Ramesh Gautam Hindi Book Pdf Free PDF.