Download a free eBook on Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, which Charles E. Wilson, J. Peter Sadler writes. Let’s first read the book content of this PDF: Book Content CHAPTER 1. MECHANISMS AND MACHINES: BASIC CONCEPTS CHAPTER 2. MOTION IN MACHINERY CHAPTER 3. VELOCITY ANALYSIS OF PLANAR AND SPATIAL MECHANISMS CHAPTER 4. ACCELERATION ANALYSIS OF […]

Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines By Gupta H.N PDF – Providing a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Internal Combustion Engines. The Second Edition includes new sections on geometry of reciprocating engine, engine performance parameters, alternative fuels for IC engines, Carnot cycle, Stirling cycle, Ericsson cycle, Lenoir cycle, Miller cycle, crankcase ventilation, supercharger controls and homogeneous charge […]

This book was written to be used as an applied thermoscience textbook in a one semester, college-level, undergraduate engineering course on internal combustion engines. It provides the material needed for a basic understanding of the operation of internal combustion engines. Students are assumed to have knowledge of fundamental thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics as […]

A Choice Outstanding Academic Title The Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering provides for the first time a large, unified knowledge base laying the foundation for advanced study and in–depth research. Beyond traditional automotive subjects the Encyclopedia addresses green technologies, the shift from mechanics to electronics, and the means to produce safer, more efficient vehicles within varying economic restraints […]

This book is designed to help fill the ever-growing need for better trained personnel for maintaining, repairing and using modern Automobiles. This book can be largely self-teaching, as it assumes no previous technical training. The illustrations have been selected with an eye to clarity, ease of comprehension and dynamic interest. click on above link to […]

This book offers the solutions of a number of the engine control and estimation problems and consists of ten Chapters grouped in four Parts. The book also offers a tool-kit of new techniques developed by the author which was used for the problems described above. The techniques can be listed as follows: input estimation, composite […]

This book is a text on automotive materials, arising from presentations given at the fifth Oxford–York–Kobe Materials Seminar, held at the Kobe Institute. The contributions are compiled into four sections: industrial perspective, functional materials, light metals, and processing and manufacturing. This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reprinted material is quoted […]

RAPID technological developments in the automotive field, as well as advancements in educational methods required to keep pace with these new developments, have made advisable a new edition of Automotive Fuel, Lubricating, and Cooling Systems. Let’s read or download “Automotive Fuel, Lubricating, and Cooling Systems: Construction, Operation, and Maintenance” Book from above links. Thank you. […]

“Automotive Engineering – Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body” book has been compiled using extracts from the many books within the range of Automotive Engineering books in the Elsevier collection. Let’s read Automotive Engineering – Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body Book Content: Piston-engines cycles of operation Measurement of torque, power, speed and fuel consumption; […]

A change from this classic book is that it is now impossible for one person to write knowledgeably about all aspects of vehicle design. This reason has dictated that specialists in each field covered by this book have written an appropriate chapter. The text is intended to provide the reader with an introduction to most […]

This book arose from a need for an automotive engineering textbook that included analysis, as well as descriptions of the hardware. Specifically, several courses in systems engineering use the automobile as a basis. The book is aimed at third- to fourth-year engineering students and presupposes a certain level of engineering background. However, the courses for […]

Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines book should be useful to students who are following specialist options in internal combustion engines, and also to students at earlier stages in their courses- especially with regard to laboratory work. Internal combustion engines form part of most thermodynamics courses at Colleges and Universities. Practising engineers should also find the […]

Robotics (Industrial Robotics) book written by P. Jaganathan. This books consider as a best book for Industrial Robotics in India. Main Objective of Robotics Are:  To introduce the basic concepts, parts of robots and types of robots. Make the student familiar with the various drive systems for robot, sensors and their applications in robots and […]

Robots are machines that have interested the general population throughout history. In general, they are machines or devices that operate automatically or by remote control. Robotics and Automation Handbook is targeted at the fundamentals of robot design, implementation, and application. As robots are used in a substantial number of functions, this book only scratches the […]

AUTOMOTIVE MECHANICS – Principles and Practices is designed to fill several needs. As a textbook it aims to provide beginners in the automotive field with a thorough understanding of the construction and operating principles of the modem automobile. By stressing the fundamentals of automotive theory, the book provides the student with the necessary background for intelligent […]