Download Free PDF Book “Operation and Control in Power Systems” By P.S.R. Murty. Book contents Introduction Load Flow Analysis Economic Operation of Power Systems Optimal Load Flow Unit Commitment Load Frequency Control Control of Interconnected Systems Voltage and Reactive Power Control Introductions to Advanced Topics Objective Questions Answers to Objective Questions Index

Download Free PDF Book “Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion” By Dr. S.Senthil. Book contents Compression Flow Fundamentals Flow through Variable Area Ducts Flow through Constant Area Ducts Normal Shocks Propulsion

Download Free PDF Book “Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach” By Yunus A. Cengel. Book contents Chapter 1 Basic of Heat Transfer Chapter 2 Heat Conduction equation Chapter 3 Steady Heat Conduction Chapter 4 Transient Heat Conduction Chapter 5 Numerical Methods in Heat Conduction Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Convection Chapter 7 External Forced Convection Chapter 8 […]

Download Free PDF Book “Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook” By Dan B. Marghitu, J. David Irwin. Book contents Chapter 1 Statics Chapter 2 Dynamics Chapter 3 Mechanics of Materials Chapter 4 Theory of Mechanisms Chapter 5 Machine Components Chapter 6 Theory of Vibration Chapter 7 Principles of Heat Transfer Chapter 8 Fluid Dynamics Chapter 9 Control Appendix […]

Download Free PDF Book “Elements Of Strength Of Materials” By Timoshenko. Book contents 1.Tension, Compression, and Shear: I 2. Tension, Compression, and Shear: II 3. Biaxial Tension and Compression 4. Torsion 5. Stresses in Beams: I 6. Stresses in Beams: II 7. Analysis of Plane Stress and Plane Strain 8. Deflection of Beams 9. Statically […]

Download  Free PDF Book “Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design” By Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, William P. Robbins. Book contents Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Generic Power Electronic Circuits Part 3 Power Supply Applications Part 4 Motor Drive Applications Part 5 Other Applications Part 6 Semiconductor Devices Part 7 Practical Converter Design Considerations

Trueman English Literature Book is the best Books For UGC NET Exam Preparation. Download Free PDF Book “Trueman’s Specific Series for the UGC NET English Literature”. Features of the UGC NET English Literature by Trueman’s Much Important for examination like NET and SET Syllabus-wise and examination pattern-wise Study Notes Help you to start preparing for […]

Download Car Scrap Policy 2021 Notification PDF. Now onward 3 to 4 questions were asked about Vehicle Scrap Policy in competitive examinations like UPSC. This draft on scrap refund policy guides you about scrap disposal policy and procedure for Cars and all types of vehicles. Let’s read automobile scrap policy 2021 India. At that time […]

This is very essential and very useful book for candidates who preparing exam of UGC-CBSC NET. You will download this English Literature e-Book from the above links. Book Content: Indian Writing in English UGC/CBSE NET English Solved Paper (1994 to 2021)

This books is very important for Teacher/Professor examination like NET, SET and like JRF. What you will get in this CBSC UGC Paper 1 book? Book Content: Teaching Aptitudes Research Aptitude Reading Comprehension Communication Reasoning (Including Mathematical) Logical Reasoning Data Analysis and Interpretation Information and Communication Technology People and Environment Interaction Higher Education System

Download Free PDF Book “Optical Fiber Communications: Principles and Practice” By John M. Senior. Book contents Introduction Optical fiber waveguides Transmission characteristics of optical fibers Optical fibers and cables Optical fiber connection: joints and couplers Optical sources 1: the laser Optical sources 2: the light emitting diode Optical detectors Direct detection receiver performance considerations Optical […]

Download Free PDF Book “GATE Cloud Network Analysis (Volume – 1)” By R K Kanodia, Ashish Murolia. Book contents Chapter 1 Basic Concepts Chapter 2 Basic Laws Chapter 3 Graph Theory Chapter 4 Nodal And Loop Analysis Chapter 5 Circuit Theorems Chapter 6 Inductors And Capacitors Chapter 7 First Order Rl And Rc Circuits Chapter […]

Download Free PDF Book “Embedded System Design: Embedded Systems Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems” By Peter Marwede. Book contents Introduction Specifications and Modeling Embedded System Hardware System Software Evaluation and Validation Application mapping Optimization Test

Download Free PDF Book “India After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy” By Ramachandra Guha. What you will read in this book? A magisterial account of the pains, the struggles, the humiliations, and the glories of the world’s largest and least likely democracy. Ramachandra Guha’s India After Gandhi is a breathtaking chronicle of […]

Download Free PDF Book “India’s Struggle for Independence 1857-1947” By Bipan Chandra, Mridula Mukherjee, Aditya Mukherjee, Sucheta Mahajan. Book contents The First Major Challenge: The Revolt of 1857 2. Civil Rebellions and Tribal Uprisings 3. Peasant Movements and Uprisings after 1857 4. Foundation of the Congress: The Myth 5. Foundation of the Indian National Congress: […]

Download Free PDF Book “Entrepreneurship Development” By Dr. S. Senthil. Book contents Entrepreneurship Motivation Business Financing and Accounting Support to Entrepreneurs