English for General Competitions- from Plinth to Paramount’s book covers following topics. Verb (Basic) Tense Passive Voice Narration Question Tag Subject Verb Agreement Conditional Sentence Verb (Advance) Noun Pronoun Adjective Conjunction Article Preposition Adverb Words Often Confused & Misused   V Vocabulary Synonyms (Practice Set) Antonyms (Practice Set) One Word Substitution One Word Substitution (Practice Set) […]

Download National Education Policy Pdf Book 2020 | School Education Agenda: Vision and Key Principles Universal Access and Early Childhood Education How children will Learn – Curricular and Pedagogic structures Curriculum – Learning Outcomes – Competencies Schools – Complex – Accreditation Teachers – Education and Development NEP – New Features Key Focus Areas – Equity […]

Preface of Pdf Book “1000 Questions & Answers from Clinical Medicine” This book is a compilation of questions, which you, the readers of Clinical Medicine, have sent to us. In this second edition we have replaced some of the older questions with more relevant and up-to-date ones. We have also increased the number of questions […]

You will get brif knowledge about below topics on Bharat No Sanskrutik Varaso – Shilpa ane Sthapatya Book. Prachin Bharat Nu Nagar Ayojan Moryakalin Kala Stambh Lekho Shilalekh Guptkalin Kala Gujarat ni Gufaao Madhyakalin Sathapatya Gujarat Ni Sthapatya Kala This book is very useful for GPSC, Clerk, Talati Mantri, Police, PSI-ASI Exam, Bin Sachivlaya Clerk, […]

Geet Gurjari book available here free to download as a Pdf. Geet Gurjari is written by Nandini Trivedi. You will get all following details in this book: Prabhatiya Lok Sangit Bhakti Geet Kavitao and many more…

Download pdf Gujarati book “Mansai Na Diva”, which is written by Zaverchand Meghani.

“Shabdasur Na Sathiya” is collection of articles, which is published in the Phulchhab Newspaper.

Samanaa is Gujarati Literature book written by Jentibhai Patel.

Download pdf book of Irrigation Engineering, which has been written by R. N. Reddy. It will be useful for Environmental Engineering students and also for Civil Engineering students. Book Content Importance of Irrigation Engineering Estimation of Irrigation Demand Irrigation Schemes and Methods Modern Canal Operation Techniques Design of On-demand Irrigation Systems Mapping Water Networks Drainage […]

Download Pdf book of Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures, which has been written by Santosh Kumar Garg. This book is designed to cover the major fields of agricultural and environmental engineering such as weather, plant, soil, water, and basics of on-farm water management. Irrigation management strategy practiced in normal soils may not appropriate in problematic […]

Here we provide CE6016 Prefabricated Structure 2 marks question answers, Part B 16 marks Questions answer, Question Bank & Syllabus. Download link is available for Students to download the Anna University CE6016 Prefabricated Structures Lecture Notes, Syllabus Part A 2 marks with answers and Part B 16 marks Question Bank with answer, All the materials notes are listed […]

Environmental Engineering – Water Supply Engineering book has been written by B.C. Punmia. This is volume 1 Environmental Engineering pdf book, It is also useful Civil engineering students. Book Index Introduction Water resources 1 : surface water hydrology Water resources 2 : dams and river intake works Water resources : ground water Water demand and […]

Download pdf Numerical Methods by B.S Grewal In Engineering & Science (With Programs In C, C++ And MATLAB). This book is an attempt to provide a suitable text-book which will meet the needs of engineering and science students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Book Content Approximations and Errors in Computation Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental […]

Download Free pdf book IS 800 Code 2007 Indian Standard GENERAL CONSTRUCTION IN, STEEL – CODE OF PRACTICE (Third Revision). IS 800 Code 2007 pdf book divided into 18 sections.

Numerical Methods book was written by R.K Jain inducing comprehensive guide on numeric method. Free Download pdf Numerical Methods By R. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar PDF. Numerical Methods Problems and Solutions pdf. Book Content Unit 1. Solution of equations and eigen value problems Unit 2. Interpolation and approximation Unit 3. Numerical differentiation and […]

Mechanical Engineering Objective Question book by RK Jain is divided into 4 section. We have shared download pdf link of Conventional & Objective Type Question & Answers On Mechanical Engineering for Competitions By R.K. Jain. Mechanical Engineering for Competitions is a comprehensive guide book for UG students of Mechanical Engineering preparing for various competitive exams.