Download Free PDF Book “Project Planning and Control with PERT and CPM” By Dr. B.C Punmia and K.K Khandelwal. Book content Project Management Chapter Bar Charts and Milestone Charts Chapter Elements of Network Chapter Development of Network Chapter PERT: Time Estimates Chapter PERT : Time Computations Chapter PERT : Network Analysis Chapter CPM : Network […]

Download Free PDF Book “Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete” By Varghese P.C. Book contents List of Illustrations. List of Tables. Foreword. Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgements. Introduction to IS 456 (2000). Introduction to Limit State Design. Methods of Design of Concrete Structures. Partial Safety Factors in Limit State Design. Limit State of […]

Download Free PDF Book “Chemical Engineering for GATE” By Dr. Ram Prasad. This Book Including Principles, Solved Problems and Objective Type Questions. Book contents Engineering Mathematics Process Calculations Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics Mechanical Operations Heat Transfer Mass Transfer Chemical Reaction Engineering Instrumentation and Process Control Plant Design and Economics Chemical Technology GATE Papers and […]

Download Free PDF Book “Reinforced Concrete Design: Principles and Practice” By N. Krishna Raju, R.N. Pranesh. This book is a valuable source for practicing engineers. Reinforced Concrete Design: Principles and Practice book explains the basic principles and techniques involved in the design of the reinforced concrete structures. This book covers the first course on the […]

Download Free PDF Book “Accredited Guide to Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency” By Ananta Ashisha. Book contents Introduction Data Table Bar Chart Cartesian (line) Graph or x-y Charts Pie Charts or Circle Graph Mixed Graph Case Studies Data Sufficiency  

Download Free PDF Book “Objective Type and Conventional Questions and Answers On Civil Engineering” By R. Agor. Book contents Part I: Multiple Choice Objective Type Questions Building Materials 2. Building Construction 3. Surveying 4. Advanced Surveying 5. Applied Mechanics B. Strength of Materials 7. Hydraulics 8. Water Supply Engineering 9. Environmental Engineering 10. Hydrology 11. […]

Download Free PDF Book “Estimation and Quantity Surveying” By D. Silambarasan. Book contents Estimation of Buildings Estimation of other Structures Specifications & Tenders Valuations Report Preparations

Download Free PDF Book “A Text Book of Engineering Mathematics (Volume – I)” By Rajesh Pandey. Book contents Basic Results and concepts Successive Differentiation and Leibnitz’s Theorem Partial Differentiation Curve Tracing Expansion of Function Jacobian Approximation of Errors Extrema of Functions of Several Variables Lagrange’s Method of Undetermined Multipliers Matrices Multiple Integers Beta and Gamma […]

Download Free PDF Book “Building Materials And Construction” With Reference To Rangawala, Sushil Kumar, Bindra, Kamala. Book contents Stones Bricks Cement Sand Mortar Concrete Timber Miscellaneous Building Materials Types of Buildings Foundations Masonry Floors Roofs Damp proof & Fire proof Construction

Download Free PDF Book “Campus Recruitment Complete Reference” By Praxis groups. Book contents Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning Verbal Ability Solved Placement Papers Technical Interview HR Interview Resume Preparation Job search/apply tips Group Discussion Online Ask Doubt Facility  

Download Free PDF Book “Irrigation and Water Power Engineering” By B.C. Punmia,‎ Ashok Kumar Jain,‎ Arun Kumar Jain,‎ Pande Brij Basi Lal. Book contents Section I : IRRIGATION PRACTICE Chapter 1.    Introduction Chapter 2.    Methods of Irrigation Chapter 3.    Water Requirements of Crops Section II : WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING Chapter 4.    Hydrology Chapter 5.    Ground Water : Well Irrigation Chapter […]

Download Free PDF Book “Certificate Physical and human Geography” By Goen Che Leong. Elementary details of most topics that comprise of physical and human geography have been covered in an easy to understand language, with many photographs, illustrations and maps offering detailed explanation, wherever required. Much of geographical knowledge that one needs to possess is […]

Download Free PDF Book “GATE Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude Previous 22 Years Solved Question Papers” By Dr. Nilam. Book contents   Preface Syllabus: Engineering Mathematics Important Tips for GATE Preparation Detailed Analysis of GATE Exam GATE Solved Paper Chapter 1: Linear Algebra Chapter 2: Calculus Chapter 3: Vector Calculus Chapter 4: Probability and Statistics […]

Download Free PDF Book “Facets of Indian Culture” By Vidya,‎ R,‎ Rajaram,‎ Kalpana. Book contents This Book Comprises of Chapters : Religion and Philosophy Music Dance Theater and cinema Art and architecture Language and literature

Download Free PDF Book “Design of Steel Structures: By Limit State Method as Per IS: 800-2007” By S.S. Bhavikatti. Book contents Introduction Principles of Limit State Design Bolted Connections; Welded Connections Design of Tension Members Design of Compression Members Design of Beams Design of Bolted Beam Connections Design of Welded Beam Connections Design of Plate […]

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