Download pdf book of Irrigation Engineering, which has been written by R. N. Reddy. It will be useful for Environmental Engineering students and also for Civil Engineering students. Book Content Importance of Irrigation Engineering Estimation of Irrigation Demand Irrigation Schemes and Methods Modern Canal Operation Techniques Design of On-demand Irrigation Systems Mapping Water Networks Drainage […]

Download Pdf book of Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures, which has been written by Santosh Kumar Garg. This book is designed to cover the major fields of agricultural and environmental engineering such as weather, plant, soil, water, and basics of on-farm water management. Irrigation management strategy practiced in normal soils may not appropriate in problematic […]

Here we provide CE6016 Prefabricated Structure 2 marks question answers, Part B 16 marks Questions answer, Question Bank & Syllabus. Download link is available for Students to download the Anna University CE6016 Prefabricated Structures Lecture Notes, Syllabus Part A 2 marks with answers and Part B 16 marks Question Bank with answer, All the materials notes are listed […]

Environmental Engineering – Water Supply Engineering book has been written by B.C. Punmia. This is volume 1 Environmental Engineering pdf book, It is also useful Civil engineering students. Book Index Introduction Water resources 1 : surface water hydrology Water resources 2 : dams and river intake works Water resources : ground water Water demand and […]

Download Free pdf book IS 800 Code 2007 Indian Standard GENERAL CONSTRUCTION IN, STEEL – CODE OF PRACTICE (Third Revision). IS 800 Code 2007 pdf book divided into 18 sections.

Numerical Methods book was written by R.K Jain inducing comprehensive guide on numeric method. Free Download pdf Numerical Methods By R. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar PDF. Numerical Methods Problems and Solutions pdf. Book Content Unit 1. Solution of equations and eigen value problems Unit 2. Interpolation and approximation Unit 3. Numerical differentiation and […]

GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering PEE Books, Lecture Notes, Part 1 – 2 marks with question and answers, Important Part 2 – 16 marks Questions and also get Question Bank and Syllabus pdf. Human values Engineering ethics Engineering as social experimentation Safety, responsibilities and rights Download Question Bank GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering (PEE) Question Bank […]

Strength of Materials 5th edition covers 618 solved problems explained, This “Strength of Materials 5th Edition 618 Solved Problems” book is available in PDF. Download this book free of coast, Book Contents CHAPTER 1 Tension and Compression 1 1.1 Internal Effects of Forces 1.2 Mechanical Properties of Materials 1.3 Statically Indeterminate Force Systems 1.4 Classification of Materials 1.5 […]

Dr R.K Bansal, Strength of Materials book is highly recommended if you want to learn about material strengths. Book Index Simple Stress and Strain Elastic Constants Principle stresses and strains Strain energy and impact loading Center of gravity and moment of inertia Shear force and bending moment Bending stresses in beams Shear stresses in beams Direct […]

The book is proposed for the understudies of structural designing, and the rehearsing engineers. P.C. Varghese has authored of  Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design RCC book. Book Index Chapter 1 : Deflection of reinforced concrete beams and slabs Chapter 2: Estimation of crackwidth in reinforced Chapter 3: Redistribution of mementos in reinforced concrete beams Chapter 4: […]

Steel Table book by R.Agor covered complete 33 chapter including Rolled steel equal angles, Rolled steel unequal angles, Rolled steel tee bars, Rolled steel beams, Rolled steel channels, Properties of two equal angles back to back, Properties of two unequal angles back to back (longer legs), Properties of two unequal angles back to back (shorter […]

Topics covered in Bridge Design and Evaluation LRFD and LRFR Book. Requirements for Bridge Design and Evaluation Loads, Load Effects, and Load Combinations Superstructure Design Bearing Design Substructure Design Highway Bridge Evaluation

In this book covers many chapter like; Environmental Issues Highway Location, Design, and Traffic Pavement Design and Rehabilitation Bridge Engineering Culverts, Drainage, and Replacements for Bridges Safety Systems Signing and Roadway Lighting Roadway Lighting Retaining Walls Noise Barriers Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost

Chapter 1 Introduction to Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis Chapter 2 Road Vehicle Performance Chapter 3 Geometric Design of Highways Chapter 4 Pavement Design Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Traffic Flow and Queuing Theory Chapter 6 Highway Capacity and Level-of-Service Analysis Chapter 7 Traffic Control and Analysis at Signalized Intersections Chapter 8 Travel Demand and Traffic […]

This book was written by Nicholas J. Garber and Lester A. Hoel for University of Virginia. Traffic and Highway Engineering, Fourth Edition, is designed for students in engineering programs where courses in transportation, highway, or traffic engineering are offered. In most cases, these courses are taught in the third or fourth year but are also […]

Book content of AutoCAD 2015: Complete Guide to What’s New User Interaction Color schemes Workspaces Ribbon enhancements Layouts Improved graphics Model space viewports Layer sort Isometric drafting environment Mtext enhancements Dimension enhancements Polyline enhancements Geographic location Reality capture 3DOrbit Design Feed Autodesk Translation Framework DGN data Autodesk BIM 360 add-in for AutoCAD Configuration Button images […]