This is best maths book for Gujarat’s all competitive examination like GPSC, Head Clerk, Bin Sachivalay Cler, Jr. Clerk, GSSSB Auditor and Sub-Auditor, Talati Mantri etc exams. Cover 38 Maths Topics Maths Short Cut Methods in Gujarati Previous Year Mathematics Questions Best Examples with Solutions  

“Succeed at IQ Tests” book contains feature of both the educational system and recruitment and selection procedures. You can read or free download this book from here by clicking on above buttons.

This book represents a unified new approach to computational simulation of turbulent flow starting from the general basis of calculus and linear algebra of Vol 1-3. The book shows that direct application of G2 without any turbulence or wall modeling, allows reliable computation on a PC of mean value quantities of turbulent flow such as […]

“Calculus Made Easy” book provides problem solving methods in engineering, science or mathematics calculations. You can read online or free download this book from here in English language.

Here you can read and download “1300 Math Formulas” book pdf, click on download button to download the book. Book Contents Number sets Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Matrices and Determinants Vectors Analytic Geometry Differential calculus Integral Calculus Differential Equations Series Probability

Here you can read and download “Advanced Engineering Mathematics” book pdf, click on download button to download the book. This book is an education book in English language, composed by Michael D. Greenberg.

Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students. The book contains the basics of statistics, discussing topics such as average, arithmetic mean, median, probability and types of distributions.

Numerical Methods book includes numerical computations, matrices and linear system of equations, solution of algebraic and transcendental equations, finite differences and interpolation, curve fitting, correlation and regression, numerical differentiation and integration, and numerical solution of ordinary differential equations.

भाष्कराचार्य द्वारा लिखित ‘‘लीलावती’’ पुस्तक सुव्यवस्थित प्रारम्भिक पाठ्यक्रम है। इस ग्रन्थ के मुख्य ४ विभाग है – 1) व्यक्त गणित या पाटी गणित(लीलावती) 2) अव्यक्त गणित(बीजगणित) 3) गणिताध्याय 4) गोलाध्याय इस पुस्तक में गणित को व्यवहारिक तथा व्यवस्थित रूप से प्रतिपादित किया गया है  

“Statistics” book includes all principles related to the Statistics. This book gives brief description of: Statistical Aptitude: Central Trend Measurement Coordinate or Index.

Quicker Maths Book was written by M. Tyra. He writes book notes on problem solving and quantitative aptitude, with a special focus on Vedic mathematics which is useful in your upcoming exams. Here you can download and read Quicker Maths pdf notes.

Download pdf Numerical Methods by B.S Grewal In Engineering & Science (With Programs In C, C++ And MATLAB). This book is an attempt to provide a suitable text-book which will meet the needs of engineering and science students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Book Content Approximations and Errors in Computation Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental […]

Numerical Methods book was written by R.K Jain inducing comprehensive guide on numeric method. Free Download pdf Numerical Methods By R. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar PDF. Numerical Methods Problems and Solutions pdf. Book Content Unit 1. Solution of equations and eigen value problems Unit 2. Interpolation and approximation Unit 3. Numerical differentiation and […]

Higher Engineering Mathematics is a comprehensive guide book for undergraduate students of engineering. Chapter I : Algebra, Vectors and Geometry Solution of Equations Linear Algebra: Determinants, Matrices Vector Algebra and Solid Geometry Chapter II : Calculus Differential Calculus & Its Applications Partial Differentiation & Its Applications Integral Calculus & Its Applications Multiple Integrals & Beta, Gamma […]