Download Free PDF book on “Electrons in Molecules From Basic Principles to Molecular Electronics” By Jean Pierre Launay and Michel Verdaguer. Book Contents Basic concepts The localized electron: magnetic properties The moving electron: electrical properties The excited electron: photophysical properties The mastered electron: molecular electronics  

Download Free PDF book on “Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers” By David A B Miller. Book Contents Introduction Waves and quantum mechanics – Schrödinger’s equation The time-dependent Schrödinger equation Functions and operators Operators and quantum mechanics Approximation methods in quantum mechanics Time-dependent perturbation theory Quantum mechanics in crystalline materials Angular momentum The hydrogen atom […]

Download Free PDF book on ”Foundation of Physics for Scientists Engineers Volume 1″ By Ali R Fazely.    

Download Free PDF book on “Physics and Engineering of Radiation Detection” By Syed Naeem Ahmed. Book Contents Properties and sources of radiation Interaction of radiation with matter Gas-filled detectors Liquid-filled detectors Solid-state detectors Scintillation detectors and photodetectors Position-sensitive detection and imaging Signal processing Essential statistics for data analysis Software for data analysis Dosimetry and radiation […]

Download Free PDF book on “Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4th Edition” By Stephen T Thornton And Andrew Rex. Book Contents The Birth of Modern Physics Special Theory of Relativity The Experimental Basis of Quantum Physics Structure of the Atom Wave Properties of Matter and Quantum Mechanics I Quantum Mechanics II The Hydrogen Atom […]

Download Free PDF book of “Modern Physics for Science and Engineering” By Marshall L Burns.  

Download Free PDF book on “Tensors for Physics” By Siegfried Hess.  

Download Free PDF book on “Semiconductor Device Physics and Design” By Umesh K Mishra and Jasprit Singh. Book Contents Structural Properties of Semiconductors Electronic levels in semiconductors Charge transport in materials Junctions in Semiconductors: P-N Diodes Semiconductor Junctions Bipolar Junction Transistors Temporal Response Of Diodes and Bipolar Transistors Field Effect Transistors Field Effect Transistors: MOSFET […]

Download Free PDF book on “Statistical Physics” By Tony Guenault. Book Contents Basic ideas Distinguishable particles Two examples Gases: the density of states Gases: the distributions Maxwell–Boltzmann gases Diatomic gases Fermi–Dirac gases Bose–Einstein gases Entropy in other situations Phase transitions Two new ideas Chemical thermodynamics Dealing with interactions Statistics under extreme conditions

Download Free PDF book on “Principles Of Physics A Calculus Based Text Fourth Edition” By Raymond A Serway And John W Jewett Jr.

Download Free PDF book on “Fundamentals Of Plasma Physics ” By Paul M. Bellan. Book Contents Basic concepts Derivation of fluid equations: Vlasov, 2-fluid, MHD Motion of a single plasma particle Elementary plasma waves Streaming instabilities and the Landau problem Cold plasma waves in a magnetized plasma Waves in inhomogeneous plasmas and wave energy relations […]

Download Free PDF book on “Physics Olympiad Basic To Advanced Exercises” By The Committee of Japan Physics Olympiad. Book Contents Part 1. Theory Chapter 1. General Physics Chapter 2. Mechanics Chapter 3. Oscillations and Waves Chapter 4. Electromagnetism Chapter 5. Thermodynamics Chapter 6. Modern Physics Part 2. Experiment Chapter 7. How to Measure and Analyze […]

Download Free PDF book on “1000 Solved Problems in Modern Physics” By Ahmad A. Kamal. Book Contents Mathematical Physics Quantum Mechanics – I Quantum Mechanics – II Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics Solid State Physics Special Theory of Relativity Nuclear Physics – I Nuclear Physics – II Particle Physics – I Particle Physics – II

Download Free PDF book on “Nuclear and Particle Physics” By B. R. Martin. Table of Contents Basic Concepts Nuclear Phenomenology Particle Phenomenology Experimental Methods Quark Dynamics: the Strong Interaction Electroweak Interactions Models and Theories of Nuclear Physics Applications of Nuclear Physics Outstanding Questions and Future Prospects

Download Free PDF book on “Physics for Dummies” By Steven Holzner.