Download Free PDF book on “Practical Physics” By R K Shukla and Anchal srivastava.

Download Free PDF book on “Solar Cell Device Physics” Second Edition By Stephen J. Fonash. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Properties Basic to Photovoltaic Energy Conversion 3. Solar Cell Materials and Structures 4. Homojunction Solar Cells 5. Semiconductor-Semiconductor Heterojunction Cells 6. Surface-Barrier Solar Cells

Download Free PDF book on “Mathematical Physics applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers 2nd Edition” By Bruce R Kusse and Erik A Westwig. Table of Contents 1. A Review of Vector and Matrix Algebra Using Subscript/Summation Conventions 2. Differential and Integral Operations on Vector and Scalar Fields 3. Curvilinear Coordinate Systems 4. Introduction to Tensors […]

Download Free PDF book on “Handbook of Magnetic Measurements” By S Tumanski. Table of Contents Introduction to Magnetic Measurements. Fundamentals of Magnetic Measurements. Magnetic Materials. Magnetic Sensors. Testing of Magnetic Materials. Magnetic Field Measurements and Their Applications.

Download Free PDF book on “Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists” By Paul Sanghera.  

Download Free PDF book on “Commonly Asked Questions in Physics” By Andrew Rex Table of Contents Classical Mechanics What Is Physics? What Is the SI System of Units? What Are Velocity and Acceleration? What Is a Force? What Are Work and Energy? What Is Momentum Conservation? What Is Simple Harmonic Motion? What Are Torque and […]

Download Free PDF book on “Acoustic Cavitation Theory and Equipment Design Principles for Industrial Applications of High Intensity Ultrasound” By Alexey S. Peshkovsky and Sergei L. Peshkovsky. Table of Contents Introduction Shock-Wave Model of Acoustic Cavitation Selection and Design of Main Components of High-Capacity Ultrasonic Systems Ultrasonic Reactor Chamber Geometry Final Remarks

Download Free PDF book on ” Physics for Chemists” By Ruslan P. Ozerov and Anatoli A. Vorobyev. Table of Contents Chapter 1. MechanicsChapter 2. Oscillations and wavesChapter 3. Molecular physicsChapter 4. Dielectric properties of substancesChapter 5. MagneticsChapter 6. Wave optics and quantum optical phenomenaChapter 7. Elements of the quantum mechanicsChapter 8. Physical principles of the […]

Download Free PDF book on ” Mathematics for Physics a Guided Tour for Graduate Students” By Michael Stone and Paul Goldbart. Contents Calculus of variations Function spaces Motivation Linear ordinary differential equations Linear differential operators Green functions Partial differential equations The mathematics of real waves Special functions Integral equations Vectors and tensors Differential calculus on […]

Download Free PDF book on “Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Third Edition” By Francis F. Chen.

Download Free PDF book on “Doing Physics with Scientific Notebook A Problem-Solving Approach” By Joseph Gallant.

Download Free PDF book on “Concepts in Thermal Physics” Second Edition by Stephen J. Blundell and Katherine M. Blundell.  

Download Free PDF book on “Essential Physics” by John Matolyak and Ajawad Haija. Table of Contents Systems of Units, Significant Figures, Coordinate Systems, and Vectors Systems of Units Conversion of Units Significant Figures Scientific Notation Trigonometry Coordinate Systems Vectors Addition and Subtraction of Vectors Guideline for Determining the Direction of the Resultant Motion in One […]

Download Free PDF book on ”Plasma Physics An Introduction to Laboratory, Space, and Fusion Plasmas” By Alexander Piel. Table of Contents Introduction Definition of the Plasma State Single Particle Motion in Electric and Magnetic Fields Stochastic Processes in a Plasma Fluid Models Plasma Waves Plasma Boundaries Instabilities Kinetic Description of Plasmas Dusty Plasmas Plasma Generation […]

Download Free PDF book on “Statistical Plasma Physics Volume I Basic Principles” By Setsuo Ichimaru.

Download Free PDF book on ” Thermal Plasma Torches And Technologies Volume 1 Plasma Torches. Basic Studies and Design” by O.P. Solonenko