Download Free PDF Book “Analog & Digital Electronics” By U. A. Bakshi A. P. Godse. Book contents Chapter-1 Special Diodes Chapter-2 Frequency Response Chapter-3 Feedback Amplifiers Chapter-4 Oscillators Chapter-5 Combinational Logic Circuits Chapter-6 Sequential Logic Circuits Chapter-7 Shift Registers Chapter-8 Counters Chapter-9 Op-amp Applications Chapter-10 Voltage Regulators Chapter-11 Memories

Download Free PDF Book “Digital Electronics” By D.A. Godse, A.P. Godse. Book contents Number Systems Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra Combinational Logic with MSL and LSI Programmable Logic Devices Appendix-A Typical Digital ICs References Index

Download Free PDF Book “Microprocessor and Microcontroller System” By A. P. Godse,‎ D. A. Godse. Book contents Introduction CPU Address bus Data bus and control bus Input/output devices Buffers Encoders Latches and memories 8085 Microprocessor Architecture Internal data operations and registers Pins and signals Peripheral devices and memory organization and Interrupts CISC and RISC architecture

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