P. S Bimbhra is a authtor of many books of of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is retired professor of Electrical and EC Engineering from the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala.  P. S Bimbhra has also authored two books, Power Electronics and Generalized Theory of Electrical Machines.

“Generalized Theory Of Electrical Machines” book is useful for Electrical Engineering students. Book Contents 1. Elements of Generalized Theory 2. Linear Transformation in Machines 3. DC Machines 4. Polyphase Synchronous Machines 5. Polyphase Induction Machines 6. Single Phase Motors 7. AC Commutators Machines 8. Transformers 9. Brushless DC, Variable-Reluctance and Stepping Motors

Power Electronics written by P.S. Bimbhra for electronics and communication engineering field student. Book Highlights 1. Introduction 2. Power Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors 3. Diode Circuits and Rectifiers 4. Thyristors; 5. Thyristor Commutation Techniques 6. Phase Controlled Rectifiers 7. Choppers 8. Inverters; 9. AC Voltage Controllers 10. Cycloconverters 11. Some Applications 12. Electric Drives 13 […]

Electrical Machinery Book written by P.S. Bimbhra. Here you can download and read this books. EC Electrical Machinery Book Content  Transformers Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles Basic Concepts of Rotating Electrical Machines D.C. Machines Polyphase Synchronous Machines Polyphase Induction Motors Armature Windings Appendix Index