प्रेमचंद की गिनती हिन्दी साहित्य के महानतम रचनाकारों में की जाती है. He is also known by his pen name Munshi Premchand. प्रेमचंद  का जन्म ३१ जुलाई सन् १८८० को बनारस शहर से चार मील दूर समही गाँव में हुआ था। उनकी प्रसिद्ध हिंदी रचनायें हैं ; उपन्यास: सेवासदन, प्रेमाश्रम, निर्मला, रंगभूमि, गबन, गोदान.

Premchand’s novel ‘Sevasadan’ became so popular that it was considered the best novel in Hindi. ‘Seva Sadan’ depicts the prostitute problem and its solution, which was a new subject for the Hindi psyche.

In the 1930s, this novel of Premchand is the abstract story of a boy called Amarkant, his boyhood in Varanasi, his transition into manhood, his family, and differences among family members because of the political influences.

Katha The entire literature of Emperor Premchand (1880–1936), is a saga of the common man of India. His works, going to the infinite expanse of the subject, human spirit, and time, break the boundaries of history and are counted among the classics. The novel Rangbhoomi (1924–1925) is one such work.

Download free pdf of “Gaban”. Written in 1931, Gaban is Munshi Premchand’s most popular novel which paints a very vivid picture of the society of North India before independence. Ramanath’s wife Jalpa is so fond of jewelry that she is ready to go to any extent for it. And in order to fulfill his wife’s […]

“मानसरोवर ” पुस्तक में सभी कहानियों को ‘मानसरोवर’ में संजोकर उसका विवरण किया गया है। Free download or read online this book from here.

Free download or read online “Nirmala” novel book in hindi language here. This book was written by Premchand.

Godaan is a novel written by the famous author, Munshi Premchand. गोदान – Godan book story is a Story of Struggle for a Living.  By this story Premchand makes us see the problems faced by the peasant society during colonial period