R.Agor famous books for civil engineering fields students. He also wrote a Civil Eng. objective type Books

Download Free PDF Book “Objective Type and Conventional Questions and Answers On Civil Engineering” By R. Agor. Book contents Part I: Multiple Choice Objective Type Questions Building Materials 2. Building Construction 3. Surveying 4. Advanced Surveying 5. Applied Mechanics B. Strength of Materials 7. Hydraulics 8. Water Supply Engineering 9. Environmental Engineering 10. Hydrology 11. […]

Steel Table book by R.Agor covered complete 33 chapter including Rolled steel equal angles, Rolled steel unequal angles, Rolled steel tee bars, Rolled steel beams, Rolled steel channels, Properties of two equal angles back to back, Properties of two unequal angles back to back (longer legs), Properties of two unequal angles back to back (shorter […]