He was graduated in 1966. Rk bansal complete his Master Degree in 1975 with ‘HONOURS’ from IIT, Delhi and Ph.D in 1981 from University of Delhi. He joined job in Delhi College of Engineering as a Lecturer. He was selected for the post of Professor in 1995. He also held the posts of Head of Mech. Engineering, Dean P.G. Studies and Dean U.G. Studies, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. RK Bansal is the author of many books in mechanical engineering fields.

Strength of Materials 5th edition covers 618 solved problems explained, This “Strength of Materials 5th Edition 618 Solved Problems” book is available in PDF. Download this book free of coast, Book Contents CHAPTER 1 Tension and Compression 1 1.1 Internal Effects of Forces 1.2 Mechanical Properties of Materials 1.3 Statically Indeterminate Force Systems 1.4 Classification of Materials 1.5 […]

Dr R.K Bansal, Strength of Materials book is highly recommended if you want to learn about material strengths. Book Index Simple Stress and Strain Elastic Constants Principle stresses and strains Strain energy and impact loading Center of gravity and moment of inertia Shear force and bending moment Bending stresses in beams Shear stresses in beams Direct […]

Download a complete comprehensive Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic Machines pdf book by RK Bansal. Topic covered in Book. Properties of Fluids Pressure and Its Measurement Hydro-static Forces on Surfaces Buoyancy and Flotation Kinematics of Flow and Ideal Flow Dynamics of Fluid Flow Orifices and Mouthpieces Notches and Weirs Viscous Flow Turbulent Flow Flow Through Pipes […]