A Course in Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

Book NameA Course in Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
AuthorA.K. Sawhney
CategoryElectrical And Electronics Engineering Books, Electrical Engineering Books, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Book LanguageEnglish
PublisherDhanpat Rai and Sons Educational and Technical Publisher Delhi
Book Size140 MB

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Book contents

Part 1: Electrical And Electronic Measurement And Measuring Instruments

Chapter 1 Measurements And Measurement Systems
Chapter 2 Characteristics Of Instruments And Measurement Systems
Chapter 3 Errors In Measurements And Their Statistical Analysis
Chapter 4 Dynamic Characteristics Of Instruments And Measurement Systems
Chapter 5 Units, Systems, Dimensions And Standards
Chapter 6 Circuit Components (Resistors, Inductors And Capacitors And Their Residues)
Chapter 7 Analog Instruments
Chapter 8 Galvanometers
Chapter 9 Analog Ammeters, Voltmeters And Ohmmeters
Chapter 10 Instrument Transformers
Chapter 11 Measurement Of Power And Wattmeter’s
Chapter 12 Measurement Of Energy And Industrial Metering
Chapter 13 Measurement Of Phase And Frequency
Chapter 14 Measurement Of Resistance
Chapter 15 Potentiometers
Chapter 16 A.C. Bridges
Chapter 17 High Voltage Measurements And Testing
Chapter 18 Magnetic Measurements
Chapter 19 Optoelectronic Measurements
Chapter 20 Electronic Instruments
Chapter 21 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (Cro)
Chapter 22 Instruments For Generation Of Waveforms
Chapter 23 Signal Analyzers
Chapter 24 High Frequency Measurements

Part II: Electrical & Electronic Instrumentation

Chapter 25 Primary Sensing Elements And Transducers
Chapter 26 Signal Conditioning
Chapter 27 Data Transmission And Telemetry
Chapter 28 Display Devices And Recorders
Chapter 29 Measurement Of Non-Electric Quantities
Chapter 30 Microprocessors
Chapter 31 Data Acquisition Systems
Chapter 32 Modern Sensors
Chapter 33 Digital Measurement Techniques
Chapter 34 Chemical Sensors And Analytical Instruments
Chapter 35 Automatic Process Control
Chapter 36 Biomedical Instrumentation

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