Push notifications were the hottest trend in 2021! It was a real-time triumph of this new advertising format. What affiliates saw when they decided to run this black horse was high CTR and great profit. Then 2022 came. Affiliate marketers were bidding on if the new Chrome update will make push ads a new shooting […]

From year to year, it’s becoming more and more advertising around us. How to find a place under the sun and attract your audience? Maybe to think of some good old traffic sources like pops? Is Pop traffic still alive in 2020? What we can say… “Pop traffic was supposed to be dead years ago, […]

Want detail note on Shopify Future of Commerce 2021? There’s a shift happening in the world of commerce, and we’ve all felt it. 2020 has accelerated the industry by a decade, permanently altering the way entrepreneurs start, run, and grow businesses, as well as how consumers choose to shop and pay. We’re on the brink […]

Having trouble finding a niche? Every time you need some niche ideas, scroll through the book. You will get fresh new ideas every single time. It is the most extensive library of Niche Ideas ever Created. It is a book with actual niche ideas, combined with suggestions for high search volume keywords and average CPC’s. […]