Control Systems Engineering book was written by A.Nagoor Kani. Control Systems Engineering By A.Nagoor Kani – Free Download PDF New Book Download Download Old Book Version 

Download pdf book of Electronic Instrumentation by H.S. Kalsi. Index 1. Qualities of Measurements 2. Indicators and Display Devices 3. Ammeters 4. Voltmeters and Multi meters 5. Digital Voltmeters 6. Digital Instruments 7. Oscilloscope 8. Signal Generators 9. Wave Analyzers and Harmonic Distortion 10. Measuring Instruments 11. Bridges 12. Recorders 13. Transducers 14. Signal Conditioning […]

GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering PEE Books, Lecture Notes, Part 1 – 2 marks with question and answers, Important Part 2 – 16 marks Questions and also get Question Bank and Syllabus pdf. Human values Engineering ethics Engineering as social experimentation Safety, responsibilities and rights Download Question Bank GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering (PEE) Question Bank […]

Power Electronics written by P.S. Bimbhra for electronics and communication engineering field student. Book Highlights 1. Introduction 2. Power Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors 3. Diode Circuits and Rectifiers 4. Thyristors; 5. Thyristor Commutation Techniques 6. Phase Controlled Rectifiers 7. Choppers 8. Inverters; 9. AC Voltage Controllers 10. Cycloconverters 11. Some Applications 12. Electric Drives 13 […]

Electrical Machinery Book written by P.S. Bimbhra. Here you can download and read this books. EC Electrical Machinery Book Content  Transformers Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles Basic Concepts of Rotating Electrical Machines D.C. Machines Polyphase Synchronous Machines Polyphase Induction Motors Armature Windings Appendix Index