Organic Chemistry a Mechanistic approach

Book NameOrganic Chemistry A Mechanistic approach
AuthorTadashi Okuyama and Howard Maskill
Book LanguageEnglish
PublisherOXFORD University Press
CountryUnited Kingdom
Book Size10.8 MB

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Book Content

Chapter 1:  Atoms, Molecules, and Chemical Bonding—a Review

Chapter 2:  Molecular Structure and Shapes of Organic Molecules

Chapter 3: Organic Compounds: their Functional Groups, Intermolecular Interactions, and Physical Properties

Chapter 4: Conformation and Strain in Molecules

Chapter 5: Conjugation, π-Electron Delocalization, and Aromaticity

Chapter 6: Acids and Bases

Chapter 7: Organic Reactions and the Concept of Mechanism

Chapter 8: Nucleophilic Addition to the Carbonyl Group in Aldehydes and Ketones

Chapter 9: Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

Chapter 10: Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds with Hydride Donors and Organometallic Reagents

Chapter 11: Stereochemistry and Molecular Chirality

Chapter 12: Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of Haloalkanes and Related Compounds

Chapter 13: Elimination Reactions of Haloalkanes and Related Compounds

Chapter 14: Reactions of Alcohols, Ethers, Thiols, Sulfi des, and Amines

Chapter 15: Addition Reactions of Alkenes and Alkynes

Chapter 16: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Chapter 17: Enolate Ions, their Equivalents, and Reactions

Chapter 18: Reactions of Nucleophiles with Alkenes and Aromatic Compounds

Chapter 19: Polycyclic and Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds

Chapter 20: Reactions involving Radicals

Chapter 21: Pericyclic Reactions: Cycloadditions, Electrocyclic Reactions, and Sigmatropic Rearrangements

Chapter 22: Rearrangement Reactions involving Polar Molecules and Ions

Chapter 23: Organic Synthesis

Chapter 24: Chemistry of Biomolecules

Chapter 25: Structural Determination of Organic Compounds


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