Download Free PDF book on “Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4th Edition” By Stephen T Thornton And Andrew Rex. Book Contents The Birth of Modern Physics Special Theory of Relativity The Experimental Basis of Quantum Physics Structure of the Atom Wave Properties of Matter and Quantum Mechanics I Quantum Mechanics II The Hydrogen Atom […]

Download Free PDF book on “Commonly Asked Questions in Physics” By Andrew Rex Table of Contents Classical Mechanics What Is Physics? What Is the SI System of Units? What Are Velocity and Acceleration? What Is a Force? What Are Work and Energy? What Is Momentum Conservation? What Is Simple Harmonic Motion? What Are Torque and […]

Download Free PDF book on “Finn’s Thermal Physics Third Edition By Andrew Rex ” Table of Contents TEMPERATURE Basic Concepts Equilibrium State Equations Of State Scales Of Temperature REVERSIBLE PROCESSES AND WORK Reversible Processes Work Other Kinds Of Work Example Of The Calculation Of Work In A Reversible Process THE FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS The […]