David A. Crolla is the author of books such as Automotive Engineering. He has held senior positions in quality management with British Aerospace and Ferranti International and worked with such companies as General Motors, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Bell Atlantic on their quality improvement programmes.

A Choice Outstanding Academic Title The Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering provides for the first time a large, unified knowledge base laying the foundation for advanced study and in–depth research. Beyond traditional automotive subjects the Encyclopedia addresses green technologies, the shift from mechanics to electronics, and the means to produce safer, more efficient vehicles within varying economic restraints […]

“Automotive Engineering – Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body” book has been compiled using extracts from the many books within the range of Automotive Engineering books in the Elsevier collection. Let’s read Automotive Engineering – Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body Book Content: Piston-engines cycles of operation Measurement of torque, power, speed and fuel consumption; […]