Word Power Made Easy

Book NameWord Power Made Easy
AuthorNorman Lewis
CategoryElectrical And Electronics Engineering Books, Electrical Engineering Books, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Book LanguageEnglish
PublisherPocket Books
CountryNew York USA
Book Size22 MB

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Book contents

Part one-Getting off a Good Start

How to Test Your present Vocabulary
2. How to Start Building Your Vocabulary
3. How to Talk about personality Types (sessions 1-3)
4. How to Talk About Doctors (sessions 4-6)
5. How to Talk About various practitioners (sessions 7-10)
6. How to Talk About science and scientists (sessions 11-13)
7. How to Talk About Liars and lying (sessions 14-17)
8. How to check Your progress Comprehensive Test IN (session 18)

Part Two-Gaining Increased Momentum

9. How to Talk About Actions (sessions 19-23)
10. How to talk About various speech Habits (sessions 24-27)
11.How to Insult Your Enemies (session 28-31)
12. How to Flatter Your Friends (sessions 32-37)
13. How to check Your progress: Comprehensive Test II (sessions 38)

Part Three-Finishing with A Feeling of Complete Success

14. How to talk About common phenomena and Occurrences (sessions 39-41)
15. How to talk About what Goes On (sessions 42-44)
16. How to Talk about a variety of personal Characteristics (sessions 45-46)
17. How to check Your progress: Comprehensive Test III (sessions 47)
18. How to check Your Standing as an Amateur Etymologist
19. How to Keep Building Your Vocabulary

Brief Intermission

  1. Test Your Grammar
  2. Random Notes on Modern Usage
  3. How Grammar Changes
  4. How to Avoid Being a purist
  5. How to speak Naturally
  6. Do you Always Use the Proper word?
  7. Some Interesting  Derivations
  8. How to spell a word
  9. Take This spelling Test
  10. Another Check on Your Spelling



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