Download Free PDF Book “Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering” By Santosh Kumar Garg. Book Contents Introduction to the Subject Estimating the Design Sewage Discharge Estimating the Peak Drainage Discharge hydraulic Design of Sewers and S.W. Drain Sections Sewers, Their Construction, Maintenance and Required Appurtenances Pumps for Lifting Sewage; 7. Quality and Characteristics of […]

Download pdf book of Irrigation Engineering, which has been written by R. N. Reddy. It will be useful for Environmental Engineering students and also for Civil Engineering students. Book Content Importance of Irrigation Engineering Estimation of Irrigation Demand Irrigation Schemes and Methods Modern Canal Operation Techniques Design of On-demand Irrigation Systems Mapping Water Networks Drainage […]

Environmental Engineering – Water Supply Engineering book has been written by B.C. Punmia. This is volume 1 Environmental Engineering pdf book, It is also useful Civil engineering students. Book Index Introduction Water resources 1 : surface water hydrology Water resources 2 : dams and river intake works Water resources : ground water Water demand and […]