Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering

Book Name Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering (Environmental Engineering Vol.II)
AuthorSantosh Kumar Garg
CategoryEnvironmental Engineering Books, Environment books
Book LanguageEnglish
Book Size164 MB

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Book Contents

  1. Introduction to the Subject
  2. Estimating the Design Sewage Discharge
  3. Estimating the Peak Drainage Discharge
  4. hydraulic Design of Sewers and S.W. Drain Sections
  5. Sewers, Their Construction, Maintenance and Required Appurtenances
  6. Pumps for Lifting Sewage; 7. Quality and Characteristics of Sewage
  7. Disposing of the Sewage Effluents; 9. Treatment of Sewage
  8. Process Design of a Complete Sewage Treatment Plant
  9. Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters
  10. Disposal of Solid Wastes and Refuse of a Society
  11. Excreta Disposal in Unsewered and Rural Areas
  12. Sewage Collection from Houses and Buildings
  13. Ventilation of Buildings for Controlling Indoor Air Pollution
  14. The Environment, its Pollution and Present Status
  15. Disposal of Environment Hazardous Radioactive and Biomedical Wastes
  16. Engineering of Air Pollution, its Control and Monitoring
  17. Global Environmental Issues; 20. Noise Pollution
  18. Environmental Impacts of Thermal Power Plant, Mining and Water Resources Projects
  19. Preparing Environmental Impact Assessments of Polluting Industrial Projects
  20. Chapterwise Objective Multichoice Questions
  21. Test Paper on Objective Questions
  22. Objective Questions of Engineering Services Competitive Exams
  23. Objective Questions of AMIE
  24. Conventional Questions of Civil Services
  25. Conventional Questions of Engineering Services Exams for the Past Years

Appendix Tables

Table A-1 to Table A-9


Santosh Kumar Garg

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