Download Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures and many more book By Santosh Kumar Garg.

Download Free PDF Book “Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering” By Santosh Kumar Garg. Book Contents Introduction to the Subject Estimating the Design Sewage Discharge Estimating the Peak Drainage Discharge hydraulic Design of Sewers and S.W. Drain Sections Sewers, Their Construction, Maintenance and Required Appurtenances Pumps for Lifting Sewage; 7. Quality and Characteristics of […]

Download Free PDF Book “Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures” By Santosh Kumar Garg. Book contents Irrigation Techniques and Quality of Irrigation Water Water Requirements of Crops Canal Irrigation System Sediment Transport and Design of Irrigation Channels Lining of irrigation Canals and Economics of Lining Reclamation of Waterlogged and Saline Soils for Agriculture Purpose Hydrology and […]