Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Book NameEquilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
AuthorCarolyne M Van Vliet
Book LanguageEnglish
PublisherWorld Scientific
Book Size26.6 MB

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  • General Principles of Many-Particle Systems:
    • Introduction to the State of Large Systems and Some Probability Concepts
    • Statistics of Closed Systems
    • Thermodynamics in the Microcanonical Ensemble, Classical and Quantal
    • Ensembles in the Presence of Reservoirs. The Canonical and Grand-Canonical Ensemble
    • Generalized Canonical Ensembles
  • Classical and Quantum Formalisms. The Boltzmann Gas, The Perfect Bose and Fermi Gas:
    • The Boltzmann Distribution and Chemical Applications
    • The Occupation-Number State Formalism; Spin and Statistics
    • Ideal Quantum Gases and Elementary Excitations in Solids
  • Quantum Systems with Strong Interactions:
    • Critical Phenomena: General Features of Phase Transitions
    • Renormalization: Theory and Examples
    • The Two-Dimensional Ising Model and Spin Waves
    • Aspects of Quantum Fluids
  • Classical Transport Theory:
    • The Boltzmann Equation and Boltzmann’s H-Theorem
    • Hydrodynamic Equations and Conservation Theorems; Barycentric Flow
    • Further Applications
  • Linear Response Theory and Quantum Transport:
    • Linear Response Theory, Reduced Operators and Convergent Forms
    • The Quantum Boltsmann Equation and Some Applications of Modified Linear Response
    • Brownian Motion and the Mesoscopic Master Equation
    • Branching Processes and Continuous Stochastic Phenomena
    • Stochastic Optical Signals and Photon Fluctuations
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